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Dutch EU-politician: Let Greece go broke

Auteur: Thijs Baas

Negotiations with Greece are no longer a serious opportunity. It's better to stop the financial flows towards the country, says Dutch liberal Member of European Parliament Hans van Baalen on BNR News Radio. "I do not have any perspective on successful reforms."

Foto: ANP
Foto: ANP

Van Baalen is not afraid that turning off the gates will hunt the Greeks directly into Putin's arms. "He does not have the money." The only method according to Van Baalen is to stop paying Greece if they refuse to reform their economics. "They had a chance to indicate a list of changes and reforms, and that didn't come either."

The only alternative is to put the country under guardianship, but that's not a serious option anymore, Van Baalen says. "You can not come in with a Roman army and say how to handle. They have to find their own way and if that's not possible, their chance has past."


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