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Award-winning SMART Radio available on all platforms

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BNR and FD Mediagroep recently won an AMMA (Annual Masters of Media Award) in Amsterdam for media innovation, for the personalization of news via SMART Radio. In addition to Android, BNR Nieuwsradio's SMART Radio technology is now also available for iOS. With this technology, integrated into the current app, a personal playlist can be created based on interests, which are automatically compiled and played using the latest techniques.

Download here for iOS | Download here for Android (*)

(*) In the Play Store you can find how you can become a bèta tester of the BNR App.

Marconi Online Award for SMART Radio

What is SMART Radio

Time is scarce in the busy existence of working and studying in the Netherlands. And at the same time people want to be informed as quickly as possible of personal interests and of developments in his or her field.

BNR SMART Radio makes it very easy: it is a personalized radio application in which fragments are placed in a playlist, based on artificial intelligence. It's fully tailored to the personal preferences of the listener.

Our algorithm selects, for you, real-time, audio clips based on your interests. After you have indicated which topics are relevant to you, BNR's AI (artificial intelligence) selects the fragments that match and puts them ready in a personalized playlist in the BNR app.

SMART Radio has been developed by BNR on the basis of AI, but can be widely used in the radio market and beyond. The launch of SMART Radio also earned BNR Nieuwsradio the Marconi Online Award, a new jury prize for 'audio initiatives that can be a springboard to the radio of the future'.


We would really like to know what you think about SMART Radio. Therefore let us know your feedback via

On demand strategy

“We bring the content even better to the right person at the right time. Our first testers are enthusiastic. In their busy professional lives, they do not always have the opportunity to have BNR on all day, and sometimes not to listen to a podcast of an hour and a half. With SMART Radio, a long search is saved and they are quickly up to date ”, says editor-in-chief Sjors Fröhlich. It will be an important addition to the services, programs, podcasts and events that BNR offers.


Last year BNR received a grant from the Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI) from Google. The DNI supports good ideas to make the media more digital and better prepared for the future. With the grant and in collaboration with Zoom Media and BrainCreators, BNR Nieuwsradio built its own algorithm.

Future of radio is SMART Radio

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BNR has been transformed in twenty years from a radio station to an innovative media organization with a focus on audio. As one of the first parties to take podcasting seriously, BNR leads the way with business podcasts aimed at professionals. A growing number, such as award-winning The Technologist and Cryptocast, are being made podcast-first and score very well within the BNR platform and also on iTunes and Spotify.

At the beginning of 2018 a special podcast studio was built and the daily news podcast Newsroom was started together with Het Financieele Dagblad. With SMART Radio, BNR is entering the next phase: with a self-built algorithm, customized personal audio content is offered from the rich archive when it suits the listener best.

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