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Obama: 'Geef niet op, word niet cynisch'

Auteur: Karlijn Meinders

In een reactie op de verkiezingsuitslag liet president Obama weten morgen met Trump in gesprek te gaan. Hij benadrukte dat Amerika nu als één voor het succes moet gaan en waarschuwde mensen niet cynisch te worden.

Foto: HH/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
Foto: HH/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

'I had a chance to talk to Trump last night and I had a chance to invite him to the White House tomorrow to talk', zei Obama. 'I know we have some pretty significant differences. But we have to make sure there is a smooth transition. We are now all rooting for succes.'

Over Hillary Clinton zei hij: 'I could not be prouder of her. She will continue to do great work.' Ook sprak hij zijn achterban toe: 'The day after we have to remember we are all on the same team. We are not democrats first, we are not republicans first, we are Americans first. That is also what Trump has said in his speech. I hope that he maintains that spirit troughout this transition. Sometimes you lose an argument, sometimes you lose an election. But don't think we cannot make a difference. Don't get cynical. This is how politics work. We lose, we learn from our mistakes and we try even harder the next time. We all go forward.'

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