#84: 'We are open for a discussion with Russia'

BNR Perestrojkast10 feb 202139 minuten
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In this podcast Tikhanovskaya talks about her willingness to speak with Moscow, her disappointment in the EU, new sanctions and her faith in having a Belarus without Lukashenko as president.

Tikhanovskaya lives in exile in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius from where she is fighting for a Belarus without Lukashenko, the authoritarian leader who claimed a landslide victory in August, while the opposition accused him of electoral fraud. The EU sees Lukashenko's inauguration as illegitimate and imposed sanctions against him and other members of the regime.

Tikhanovskaya is looking for support within the European Union, and therefore visited Berlin, The Hague, Stockholm and many more places. She met the French president in Vilnius. Now she is with us from the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, to elaborate extensively on what’s currently going on in her motherhood.

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Geert Jan Hahn

Floris Akkerman

Belarussian opposition leader:

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

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