Petrolheads14 nov 2018

Over de aflevering

“What a well deserved Jubileum!!!! Every week (almost) is a big celebration with the Petrolheads.  I'm a "Dutch immigrant Kid" and love listening to BNR.

I started listening to Petrolheads on week 1.  Now, the absolute highlight of my BNR week is always on Wednsesday when two savvy seasoned boomers percolate about cars.

The 'thema' and the 'memory of the week' are simply wonderful. Through it all... a strong sense of humour and word play by Bas and Carlo making radio/podcast magic.

Keep giving those politicians hell. Without the Dutch motorist they would have no money to play with. Thank you both for creating 'Petrolheads' and bringing some sanity and laughter together every week. The besieged Dutch motorist needs you more thanever!!

Groetjes uit Canada.”