#5 - Jan König (Jovo Tech)

The Voicecast21 jan 201931 minuten
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The Voicecast explores the evolving world of voice interfaces. It’s the easiest way to stay current with the developments and hear experiences from the most important players in the market. Your hosts: Maarten Lens-FitzGeraldand Sam Warnaars.

In the news rundown we talk numbers (2.2 bln voice ‘endpoints’!), discuss the change in strategy for Cortana by Microsoft and talk about the rumours arounds Spotify’s likelyhardware project for the car.

Our guest is JanKönig, Co-founder of Jovo.tech. Jovo.tech is an open source framework to help build cross platform voice applications. We go hands on with Wordmine, an award winning anagram wordgame for Amazon Alexa.


Amazon Alexa is now available on 100 million devices

Cortana no longer an Alexa or Google Assistant competitor

Spotify will introduce an in-car device enabling direct voice access


Jan Köning, co-founder Jovo.tech


Wordmine for Amazon Alexa