The Voicecast #31 with a #projectvoice recap - Maarten & Sam

The Voicecast22 jan 202047 minuten
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For one week, Chattanooga Tennessee was the hotspot for people in Voice. It’s not often you have a meetup of ‘3000’ voice enthusiasts, with all the key players attending. We were there and we’ll walk through the different days and will share memorable moments, interesting tid-bits and a selection of insights we gained throughout the week.

Here is a list of the things we mentioned:

- Speech Markdown by Mark Tucker (and

- Nick Schwab, Alexa Champion

- Tom Hewiston of Labworks

- Dave Kemp and Andy Bellavia

- Junk Skills and Squatting

- Cathy Pearl (Google) videos in a list

- MD Teri Fishers Voice Marketing Funnel using Alexa Flash Briefings

- Maarten Lens-FitzGerald on Project Zilver

- Bret Kinsella’s global map of assistants

- Brian Roemmele

- Adam Cheyer interview in Voicebot podcast

- General Magic documentary

- Jeff Adams, part of the original Alexa Team

About the voicecast

The Voicecast explores the evolving world of voice interfaces. It’s the easiest way to stay current with the developments and hear experiences from the most important players in the market. Your hosts: Maarten Lens-FitzGerald and Sam Warnaars (Merkle).