Voicecast #32 – Lieneke Grollé (KRO/NCRV - De Slimste mens)

The Voicecast17 feb 202036 minuten
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The news we discuss is a combination of Project Zilver research results, entertaining Super Bowl commercials with Voice in them, and lastly we discuss the new Meena chatbot. IS it really something to look out for or is it PR?

News and other items in this show

Media and adoption: The Voice super bowl ads Amazon



Budweiser Ca

Original Budweiser commercial

News: Meena, the next generation of Bots

What twitter says

What the completion says

Project Zilver report

Open Voice: The Enterprise Edition


Lieneke Grollé, innovation lead at KRO/NCRV

Voice app review

'Hey Google, praat met de slimste mens'

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