Voicecast #33 - Piet van Dosselaar (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek)

The Voicecast2 mrt 202034 minuten
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We discuss the news that Facebook will pay you the record your voice and will UK Voice users lose their GDPR protection? Plus: what about the Chinese marketing campaign for baby milk which gave away 10.000 dedicated smart speakers preprogrammed with 1200 baby-related questions? The new marketing campaign tool?

News and other items in this show

1) Why milk formula brand JinLingGuan made an AI baby expert smart speaker

2) Facebook will now pay you for your voice recordings

3) Exclusive: Google users in UK to lose EU data protection


Piet van Dosselaar, Product Owner CBS Voice Assistent at Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek

Voice app review

“Hey, Google. Praat met het CBS”

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