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Purpose-led transformations

Transition Talk29 jan 202132 minuten
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In our fourth podcast episode, we discuss the importance of a clear company purpose to achieve sustainability goals and to recover from times of crisis with experts from Nyenrode University/Lab Toekomstige Generaties and Nudge. The energy transition is one of the biggest system transformations we currently face as a society. For companies, setting a clear purpose, a mission that is incorporated in their DNA and that touches employees on a personal level, is key to unlock the creativity and inspiration to be successful in this transition..

This is even more relevant in the current global context, where COVID-19 has pushed a hard-global pause button and raised the sense of urgency for companies to both survive and also drive long term business resilience. During this podcast we will investigate further to what extend Covid has set a new way of thinking about the connection between sustainability and business.


In episode 4 of our Transition Talk series, Jan van Betten, Founder at Nudge, Tineke Lambooy, professor Corporate Law and CSR at Nyenrode University and member of the Dutch Lab 'Toekomstige Generaties', and Adriana Begeer, Consultancy Senior Manager Energy and Sustainability Accenture, discuss the challenges and developments regarding purpose-led transformations.

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