Transition Talk

The crucial role of legislation in the energy transition

Transition Talk6 jul 202130 minuten
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The new 'Energiewet' is in the making. With this new regulation the Dutch government is changing the current Gaswet and Elektriciteitswet from 1998 with the goal to create an integrated regulation which will enable the energy transition and support the sustainability goals.

However there is a lot of discussion on this new law, and what is required from legislation to facilitate the transition. What changes require new legislation? What is the role of legislation in facilitating the energy transition? And what challenges do we still have to overcome?

Sander van Ginkel, Managing Director Utilities at Accenture, Maarten Moolhuysen, Strategy Director at Essent and Dick Weiffenbach, Head of Netbeheer NL (association of Energy Grid Operators) discuss the developments in energy legislation, the new energy law and what is needed from it to excel the energy transition.

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