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The impact of bundled energy offerings

Transition Talk4 feb 202230 minuten
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For the past decade companies have been trying to offer a broad range of energy-related offerings to their customers touching upon people’s houses, cars and lifestyle. So far, there are no real success stories, but will this change now that electric vehicles and hence eMobility services are here to stay?

The energy transition coupled with the advancement of technology offers companies a sea of opportunities to engage deeper with their customers when it comes to energy-related services. Many positive business cases have been developed on what to bet, but reality has proven to be more difficult. With the rise in electric vehicles and the strong government push we see companies from various sectors entering the market. From new entrants specialized in eMobility services, energy utilities that want a piece of the cake and OEMs that are now looking beyond just developing and selling electric vehicles. Hence, will the rapid development of eMobility services be the missing link to successfully launch bundled energy services?

Today we talk with Joris Laponder, CCO of Eneco eMobility, Pieter Willems, Investor and Co-Founder of PowerD, and Sila Sarac, Sr. Manager Business Strategy Utilities and eMobility about the role eMobility services will play in developing closer relationship with customers. We will be looking into questions such as: Is eMobility the missing link for bundled services to really take off? Will bundled energy offerings accelerate the energy transition? How can companies tap into the opportunity of easing their customers lives in the increasingly complex energy system?

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